Do You Trust the Timing of Your Life?

Should we trust the timing of our lives? Is there a ‘right time’ to intervene? And how do we decide which life path is best for us?

Trust the Timing of Your Life

Life is unpredictable and has a tendency to throw curve balls.  Where we are heading could be different to the direction we hoped we’d go, and to where we will actually end up.

Are we supposed to trust the timing of our lives, and hope for the best?

I know for a fact the one thing we have control over is taking responsibility for the decisions we make throughout our lives, and trusting that these decisions have been made at the right time for the right reasons…

I also know for a fact that we must embrace life.

If a path leads us to where we are no longer happy, we need to choose a different path because that’s the only way to achieve a different result.

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Any Path – Take Your Pick

Just pick one. Start walking on it. Two golden rules to get the most out of your journey:

1.Make sure it’s your path and not someone else’s.

It’s easy to walk another person’s journey because they are on it and it looks good for them, but is your heart feeling it? Take a path for the reasons you want to, and not because it has already been walked by another.

It will be the right path for you because you’ve chosen it. And if eventually it doesn’t feel right anymore, change it, and be happy with your choices.

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2.You have to move forward.

When we choose our path, we need to make progress. We might take a backward step here and there, but overall there has to be forward movement.  And standing still doesn’t contribute much to growth and development either.

Enjoy the Process

How fun is the unexpected? I love how life is a mystery. Sure, we want to focus our energy on what we’re working towards in life, but the journey is the most invigorating part! It’s where we learn, and reflect, and change, and grow into the person we’re hoping to become.

And from my experiences, I know how easy it is to focus too much on the finish line and forget to appreciate and participate in life itself.

What Are You Waiting For?

So my end message to you is to trust the timing of your life. Decide on your path and adjust it accordingly.  You are in charge of the decisions in your life.  Enjoy the process because smelling the roses along the way is the best part.  Take control now! What are you waiting for?

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