41 Quotes and Mottoes to Empower, Inspire and Motivate

Strengthen your mindset with these quotes and mottoes and live a happier life today.

Many of these quotes have been a huge inspiration in my life. They have not only helped change my perspective when I’ve gotten snowed under with negative emotions, but have also kept my soul at peace in times of stress.  Perhaps they might guide you too.  Below are 41 quotes and mottoes to empower, inspire and motivate.  Continue reading “41 Quotes and Mottoes to Empower, Inspire and Motivate”

Self-Preservation – Key to Emotional Well-Being

Is your self-preservation intact? Here’s why it should be.

I was at the hairdressers recently for a much needed haircut, and I asked my hairdresser if he had ever clipped his fingers with the scissors.

His answer, “Not for a very long time, my fingers have learnt that self-preservation is more important.” Continue reading “Self-Preservation – Key to Emotional Well-Being”

Self-Assurance Advice for First Time Mums

A calm and realistic approach to help first time mums with information overload, and their new family dynamics.

Becoming a mum is an exciting and new experience.  Whether prepared for it or not, you may receive a lot of advice which can be overwhelming.

Below are practical tips to help deal with the plethora of advice regarding motherhood, as well as tips on living in your new family dynamics – now that little one is here let’s face it, you’re days are going to be different! Continue reading “Self-Assurance Advice for First Time Mums”