3 Things You Must Know About Reclaiming Your Individuality

Be bold. Be brave. Be you. The truth about finding your individuality.

Our lives are defined by the choices we make.  But it’s also those choices that we’ve chosen not to take at the cross roads of our lives that can leave us wondering if we’ve made the correct decisions in life. Continue reading “3 Things You Must Know About Reclaiming Your Individuality”

Why People with Self-Acceptance are More Successful in Life

“When you know yourself, you are empowered. When you accept yourself, you are invincible.” Read how self-acceptance leads to a healthier, happier and more successful life.

“Am I proud of myself and my life achievements?”  “I want to be more successful but I don’t know how.” “Am I happy with where my life is heading?”  Does this sound like you? Continue reading “Why People with Self-Acceptance are More Successful in Life”

The Power of Being Positively Powered

Change your mind, change your life.

Are you a positively powered person?

I saw a billboard advertisement for an electrical company as I was driving to work this morning, and it read, “Are you positively powered?”  It made me think of how we are all wired differently. Continue reading “The Power of Being Positively Powered”

Are You Really Happy or Just Comfortable?

Why stepping outside of our comfort zone is necessary for growth and maintaining a strong emotional fitness.

Living a life because it’s easy and comfortable could be the reason why you don’t have something better.

If you are like me, being comfortable is when you’re content with the direction of your life and what you’ve accomplished.  And that calls for a well deserved pat on the back especially if you’ve put in the hard work.  Continue reading “Are You Really Happy or Just Comfortable?”

Are You a Realist When it Comes to Balance in Your Life?

Is it necessary to adopt a realist attitude to achieve balance, success and happiness?

“The pessimist sees the dark tunnel.
The optimist sees the light at the end.
The realist sees the train and looks forward, adjusting his path accordingly.”

Continue reading “Are You a Realist When it Comes to Balance in Your Life?”

How to Adapt to Changes in Life – Inspired by the Remarkable Adele

The inspirational Adele talks about life change and reconnecting with herself.

Change is inevitable. Throughout our lives we are constantly faced with circumstances that change us emotionally and help us to grow into the personalities that define us. Continue reading “How to Adapt to Changes in Life – Inspired by the Remarkable Adele”

Have the Courage to Create the Life You Deserve

For changes in life, these tips will prepare your mind for courage and growth.

Have you ever wanted to escape the direction of traffic in life and walk a path less traveled? Me too. It takes courage and can be hard.

But, it will be liberating.

I’m the first to admit I’ve lacked courage in the past.  If you choose to step up your life path for the better, the following tips will guide you to pursue the change your heart desires.  Additionally, GET READY here for the adventure of a lifetime.   Continue reading “Have the Courage to Create the Life You Deserve”

Self-Assurance Advice for First Time Mums

A calm and realistic approach to help first time mums with information overload, and their new family dynamics.

Becoming a mum is an exciting and new experience.  Whether prepared for it or not, you may receive a lot of advice which can be overwhelming.

Below are practical tips to help deal with the plethora of advice regarding motherhood, as well as tips on living in your new family dynamics – now that little one is here let’s face it, you’re days are going to be different! Continue reading “Self-Assurance Advice for First Time Mums”