Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way

An uplifting way to keep your emotional well-being focused and fresh as you enter the new year.

Don't Look Back You're Not Going That Way

Wait, where did November go? Christmas will be here soon and the new year rolling in. Did you achieve what you wanted to achieve this year? Did you accomplish something significant?  Are you where you hoped you would be heading into the new year?

I’ll tell you straight out, there were a few things I would have liked to accomplish and I didn’t get the chance.

 Where Did the Days Go?

On the positive, family life is strong. On the minus, I could have challenged myself more so with regard to my emotional growth and social influences.

The days they come and go, and sometimes life is just too busy.

Don’t Look Back

One way to keep a fresh and focused mind is to not overthink the past. This is what I have taken from my past year. The title of this post speaks for itself, ‘Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.’

It’s true.

A mindset devoid of ‘should haves’?  Well isn’t that the epitome of emotional fitness! 

It is easier said than done because I’m the first to admit I’ve stressed over past circumstances thinking about how I could have (or should have) acted differently.  And if like me, you may have done the same.

I came across this quote:

“Don’t forget to exercise your soul as much as your glutes.”

This quote pretty much sums up the reasons why I love to blog!  To exercise my soul I also meditate, and often go for a barefoot walk on the grass and take a few deep breaths. This helps me to just let go.  To let go of negative thoughts, to clear my mind, to breathe in positive vibes, and to shake up my perspective once again.  Taking this time out for myself is much needed as it keeps my soul grounded.

Perhaps it might help you too.

Adopting a realist attitude is another way of staying focused. You can read more about that here.   I’m also big into new year resolutions, and my new year’s resolution is to attend Unleash the Power, a motivational and inspirational event designed by Tony Robbins to improve quality of life.

You’re Not Going That Way

So here comes the new year. Be fierce, and challenge yourself.  Rid yourself of negative influences.  Aim to stay balanced.  Keep your mind fresh and light, and strive to be the best version of you. Continue forward in your thoughts, and don’t look back because you’re not going that way.

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