Are You Really Happy or Just Comfortable?

Why stepping outside of our comfort zone is necessary for growth and maintaining a strong emotional fitness.

Are You Really Happy or Just Comfortable?

Living a life because it’s easy and comfortable could be the reason why you don’t have something better.

If you are like me, being comfortable is when you’re content with the direction of your life and what you’ve accomplished.  And that calls for a well deserved pat on the back especially if you’ve put in the hard work. 

But comfort isn’t always a good thing. From experience, being comfortable also means being content with no further self-improvement.  And in my case, this was a massive upset to my self-preservation and emotional balance.

Did Life Just Fall into Place or Did You Have to Work at it?

Some people are fortunate enough that all the pieces of their life fall into place effortlessly. They could secure a lifelong job with ease, a loving and loyal partner, a beautiful home.  And how convenient to continue on this path because it is comfortable.

But are they really happy?

Although they may feel secure in the space that they’re in, if they never venture out how will they know that there are bigger spaces, and better places?

Change is Rarely Comfortable

Change is inevitable, change is wonderful. And it is also rarely comfortable. That is why the choices and changes that scare us the most are the ones that will help us to grow.  Life truly begins outside of our comfort zone.

So have the courage to get uncomfortable in order to create the life you deserve.



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