Are You a Realist When it Comes to Balance in Your Life?

Is it necessary to adopt a realist attitude to achieve balance, success and happiness?

Are You a Realist When it Comes to Balance in Your Life?

“The pessimist sees the dark tunnel.
The optimist sees the light at the end.
The realist sees the train and looks forward, adjusting his path accordingly.”

I’d like to think I am an optimist. I look for the good in every situation.  It’s important to believe in something, but one thing I need to focus on is accepting what I cannot change…because life is change, and how can I open new doors if I don’t embrace the changes in life?

 Are You a Realist?

That’s where the qualities of a realist, as depicted in the above quote, are somewhat appealing. A realist accepts and adapts to change readily and is versatile in character.

Are You a Realist with a Balance of Sun and Earth?

In our everyday lives, it’s good to have a mixture of sun and earth.  The sun symbolizes us looking forward to the light and what we strive towards in life; our goal or purpose.

The earth symbolizes our journey, and the hard work involved in getting to where we want to be.  Along the way adapting a realist attitude will see that we stay focused and adjusted on our life path.

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I’m the first to admit that there’s been times when I’ve lost my balance and hit a pothole, or as some would say I’ve become stuck in a rut.

If you’re like me and your focus has gotten blurry, ask yourself, do you still know your goal?

Or could it be that you’re spending too much time looking to the sun without enough earth to get you to where you want to be?

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Balance in life is something we need to create and continually work at in order to achieve success and happiness.  A goal without a journey of hard work, or a journey without a light to guide us can see us getting stuck in a rut.

So be a realist.  Better still, be a realist with a balance of sun and earth. 

Look forward, find your purpose, work hard, and adjust your path accordingly.

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