4 Areas That Make a Difference to the Quality of Your Life

Follow these key areas to improve the quality of your life today.

4 Areas That Make a Difference to the Quality of Your Life

“Life is full of choices…Remove your shoes or mop the floor!”

Do you remember when you were a kid and would run through the house with dirty feet?

Mum always kept our floors clean.  Not surprisingly, I’m now mopping my floors behind little dirty feet that always manage to sneak inside.

The above quote shows that with every choice we make, there is a consequence.  The choice to improve the quality of our lives is a personal one.  Listed below are 4 key areas that make a difference to the quality of your life.

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Hunger is determination to succeed in life. Those who have everything handed to them on a silver platter lack hunger. They also lack drive.  Being driven and hungry for achievement is what will set us apart from the pack, and is what will improve our quality of life.  As the quote goes, “Hustle plus heart will set you apart.”

It’s true.


Are you a person who focuses on the positive or the negative?  Do you focus on your strengths or weaknesses?

Focusing on negativity is a huge vulnerability. It gives us an excuse that can limit our personal achievement. And it kills our hunger.

Tony Robbins said, “Decisions, not conditions, determine my destiny.”

For example, two people could have the same circumstances in life, but the one who focuses on what they can control will have a better quality of life, simply because they choose to make the most of what they’ve been given.

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Consistency is essential to improve any aspect of our life. If we are consistent with our thoughts and actions, we will achieve results.


Our strategy is the way we approach our goal.  Some goals only have one strategy to success, for example, baking a cheesecake – we need to follow the recipe to achieve a perfect result.

Other goals can be achieved through several strategies, for example, goals in building muscle, reducing anxiety, strengthening our mindset, or improving happiness.

If you’re not making progress with your strategy, you need to change it.

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The quality of our life depends on our decisions. It depends on us being driven, hungry, focused, and consistent.  And if we continually work on our strategy in order to improve our outcome, there is no doubt that we’ll set ourselves up for the win.


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