11 Ways to be More Productive in Your Day

Work smarter not harder. Follow these tips to increase your productivity.

11 Ways to be More Productive in Your Day

1.Make a List of What Needs to be Achieved.

I am a list person and find they are extremely beneficial to my productivity. Lists keep priorities clear and help to focus on one task at a time. Also, the act of crossing off a completed task does wonders for our mentality!

2.Do Not Sleep in in the Morning

Sleep is essential, but imagine the extra activities we could accomplish if we got up at 7 am as opposed to 10 am? That’s an extra 3 hours in our day to do something useful.


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3.Do Large Tasks Regularly.

Completing large tasks on a regular basis will make the activity easier and quicker. For example, vacuuming weekly as opposed to monthly, or checking emails daily rather than once a week.

4.Do Hardest Tasks in the Morning.

Complete the hardest tasks in the morning when we feel most energetic, motivated, and focused.  Otherwise, they will be less appealing towards the end of the day, and time could be lost dwelling on what is still to be done.

5.Spend Less Time on the Phone

Bluntly said, chatting on the phone for long periods is a complete waste of time and interferes with the productivity of the day.

6.Spend Less Time Surfing Internet or Social Media

Surfing social media doesn’t accomplish anything beneficial, and also, is one of the biggest procrastination tools on this planet!

 7.Live in the Present

Time is wasted pondering over the past, or worrying about the future. In order to be productive, we need to be present and mindful.

8.Focus Energy on One Task at a Time

Some people are efficient at multi-tasking. However, if you’re finding productivity is a challenge, focus on completing one task at a time, until you master the skill of multi-tasking.

9.Do Not be Distracted by Others

Distraction can lead to simple tasks being dragged out, which can cause frustration and impatience.

10.Create a Daily and Weekly Routine

A daily and weekly schedule will spark motivation to complete tasks at hand, and visibly manage weekly activities.  Additionally, it helps us schedule around unanticipated activities, such as social catch ups.

11.Exercise Regularly

Exercise kick starts our brain and energy levels, which is essential preparation for productivity. Evidence suggests that exercising 20 minutes before study can improve our mental alertness and performance.

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